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TIA: Tennessee Inventors Association in Knoxville Tenn and Oak Ridge TN
Oak Ridge and Knoxville, TN  

Tennessee Inventors Association (TIA) Meeting Newsletters

The Tennessee Inventors Association sends a monthly newsletter to members and visitors. The newsletters contain notes on the previous meeting and information on other items of interest. Some newsletters include pdf copies of the handouts. To view these handouts, Adobe Acrobat or other pdf file reader/viewer program must me installed on your computer.

2013 Meetings

Month Meeting Description

July 2013 Eric Dobson of Angel Capital Group

The agenda for the July meeting included a presentation by Eric Dobson, Chapter President of the Angel Capital Group.


June 2013 Inventor Presentations

The June meeting includes presentations by inventors:

1.  Al Hill - boat drive system
2.  Terry Brewster
3.  Jason Shadrick - breast pump concept (possible)


May 2013 Zane Hagy and marketing

The agenda for the May meeting included a presentation by Zane Hagy of z11 communications.


April 2013 Dr. Gene Overholt

The speaker for April 27 was Dr. Gene Overholt, co-founder and president of Gastrointestinal Associates in Knoxville.


March 2013 Andrew Lake, patent attorney

The March meeting will feature Andrew Lake, a shareholder of Pitts & Lake, a Knoxville patent law firm.


February 2013 David Bolt

The February meeting featured David Bolt, Founder of Sustainable Future, Home energy Improvements and solar technology.


January 2013 Leo Knight and the Entrepreneurs of Knoxville

The January meeting featured Leo Knight, the founder of Entrepreneurs of Knoxville, a Knoxville, TN, organization of local businesspersons and entrepreneurs. The January meeting was also the first regular scheduled meeting at our new meeting place at LMU on Ceder Bluff Road.

2012 Meetings

Month Meeting Description

December 2012 TIA Meeting

The December 15, 2012, meeting of the TIA is a special event. Members will meet at Perkins Restaurant at 9507 Kingston Pike (between Cedar Bluff Road and Pellissippi Parkway) for a late breakfast and then a tour of our new meeting location at the Cedar Bluff campus of Lincoln Memorial University (LMU). See LMU map.


November 2012 Elections

The agenda for the November 17 TIA meeting included the TIA annual elections. Our featured speaker is J.R. Charles, the owner of Digital Consultants. Digital Consultants is an advertising company JR founded.


October 2012 TIA general meeting

The October 20 TIA meeting was a general meeting with no scheduled speaker. Several topics were discussed, including the upcoming TIA elections in November.


September 2012 Carbon fiber in East Tennessee

The September 15 meeting of the TIA featured a presentation by Jesse Smith. Jesse is the Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley Director of Technology. He is also involved in the Advanced Composites Employment (ACE) Accelerator. His presentation, Carbon Fiber for Dummies, explained the ins and outs of carbon fiber and its potential.


August 2012 Business Models

The program for the August 18 TIA meeting included a presentation by Mike Thompson, a teacher, inventor, and author. He spoke about business models.