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TIA: Tennessee Inventors Association in Knoxville Tenn and Oak Ridge TN
Oak Ridge and Knoxville, TN  

Tennessee Inventors Association (TIA) Meeting Newsletters

The Tennessee Inventors Association sends a monthly newsletter to members and visitors. The newsletters contain notes on the previous meeting and information on other items of interest. Some newsletters include pdf copies of the handouts. To view these handouts, Adobe Acrobat or other pdf file reader/viewer program must me installed on your computer.

2010 Meetings

Month Meeting Description

July 2010 Business Planning: The Basics

The basics of developing a business plan was the topic for the July meeting. Two members, Carl Papa and Judie Black, presented the basics of business plans. They used their current projects as an example of what the first section of a business plan should cover.


June 2010 Planning meeting

The June 2010 meeting was a planning meeting. School was out and it was a bright, sunny day, which may explain why attendance was light. President Tom led a discussion about the A to Z of Inventing program. The group decided that the next meeting topic would be about developing a business plan. After some discussion, Carl Papa and Julie Black agreed to make a presentation about developing a business plan.


May 2010 Invention Evaluation

Jerry Carlson of Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE) presented Over The Transom, A Product Development Executive’s Perspective on  Outside Inventions and Ideas. Jerry's presentation focused on how idea evaluation is conducted in large corporations. He discussed his experiences as an evaluator and purchaser of outside inventions and described the general process used to evaluate an outside submission. 


April 2010 Inventors Notebook

The April TIA meeting included a presentation by AJ Beal on how to manage the technical development of an invention and by Tom Kulaga on how to keep an inventor's notebook to document that development.


March 2010 Commercial feasibility of ideas

The TIA continued evaluating the commercial feasibility of invention ideas of various members. Two members, Frank Fila and Igor Alexeff, volunteered to present ideas and allow the members to discuss if their idea are commercially feasible.


February 2010 Commercial feasibility of ideas

The February meeting was a workshop to consider the commercial feasibility of two invention ideas. Carl Papa and Jeff Edwards volunteered to present their ideas and allow the members to discuss if the idea is commercially feasible.


January 2010 The A to Z of Inventing project

Tom Kulaga kicked off the new year with a discussion of the A to Z of Inventing project. Tom introduced the project, which will take one idea from conception to commercialization. Each month the meeting will be devoted to addressing an aspect of the invention and commercialization process.

2009 Meetings

Month Meeting Description

December 2009 General Meeting

With the holiday season in full force and a Winter Weather Advisory in effect, the December meeting of the TIA was a lightly attended. TIA business was discussed, including the Treasurer's report and the plans for the TIA in 2010.


November 2009 Elections and Meeting to discuss TIA Business

Elections held! November is when the TIA holds their annual elections of officers and board members. The officer positions were all uncontested. Tom Kulaga was elected President. Joe Martin was elected vice-president. Joe Martin is our past-president. Anne Alexeff was elected treasurer. Joseph Angelini was elected recording secretary. Marin Skinner remains corresponding secretary.


October 2009 Meeting with Cathy Russell of the TN Dept of Revenue

Cathy Russell from the TN Dept.of Revenue spoke about obligations for Tennessee Businesses. Her presentation covered who needs to register, where to register, what the registration requirements are, and the responsibilities of being in business.


September 2009 Meeting with Sam Weaver, Serial Entrepreneur

 Sam Weaver, who spoke to our group in April 2008, joined us again, to provide an update on his projects and offer advice and encouragement to those in attendance.


August 2009 Meeting with Louis Foreman speaking

Louis Foreman, the executive producer of Everyday Edisons, founder of Enventys and Edison Nation,  and the author of the new book The Independent Inventors Handbook, provided a very informative talk at the August 15, 2009, TIA meeting.